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Special Ops Widow

Ideal Boyfriend.

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This is a community for fans of the character of Rhys Williams, on the BBC TV show of Torchwood.

He's the normal, sweet, caring boyfriend of Gwen Cooper when she gets sucked into the life of secrecy and flirtation that comes with involvement in Torchwood and Captain Jack.

This means that, most likely, his relationship with her will not last much longer, and we feel sorry for him. Because he's sweet, normal and caring, and does Gwen's washing and cooks for her. Even if she's bloody grumpy.

Let's give him some love.

Rhys is played by Kai Owen. The link goes to his IMDB profile, but not that much is known. Any more info (or other links) would be most welcome.

What's Welcome in this comm?
Anything that has Rhys playing a significant part; fanfic, icons, wallpapers, discussions, squee: it's all good. Also anything pertaining Kai Owen.

The community banner was provided by aquirkofmatter, for which we shall be ever grateful.

What's Not Welcome?
Spamming, trolling and insulting people (not that this has happened yet). Let's keep things polite.

Uncut spoilers. Not everyone is able to watch the episodes immediately, so at least give them the chance to watch unspoiled. This again fits with the 'polite' motto.

Also, any general Torchwood discussion probably has a better place in other comms. I'm sure we all belong to those anyway. If not, see the links below.

The BBC Torchwood page
Torchwood Institute homepage
The Institute A Torchwood fansite, with among many other things a plenitude of screencaps. I hope to use some of them for graphics in the future.

More Torchwood on LJ
manticoran has compiled a marvellous list of all Torchwood related communities, which can be found here.

The most important ones:
torch_wood The main Torchwood community.
tw_archives A Torchwood fic comm.
torchwood_three Torchwood news post in the style of who_daily

pcgwencooper Do you need to ask?